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Welcome To My Home Page
Welcome to my site. I graduated from Valparaiso University with a BSEE in 1966 and from Polytechnic University with an MS System Science in 1969. After about thirty eight years in industry (GE and Marathon Electric) I decided to retire from industry. Since I was not ready to completely retire I am now a Technical Math Instructor at Southeastern Community College in Burlington, IA. My hobbies are photography, sports and computers all which come together in this web site. Enjoy.
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8/2/2009   Changed Sports page, added Ragbrai
8/4/2009   Added more Ragbrai Photos

Webmaster John: Skier and Photographer
This picture was actually taken by Tom Gratton since I have not yet figured out how to take two pictures at once.

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Here is my first pass at a new web site in quite awhile. Comments are welcome please email them to me.
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Sunset on Lake DuBay
This was taken when Sky and I watched a water ski show at dusk.
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